Fruit Trees

Bareroot Fruit Trees Arrive Mid to Late November

In stock fruit trees may fluctuate with the season so please call ahead for availability.

Apple Trees

Plant two trees that bloom at the same time to achieve best pollination and fruit set.

Some varieties require three trees be planted in close proximity, varieties such as Bramley’s Seedling and Red Gravenstein are triploid apples, meaning they have an extra third set of chromosomes that make them incapable of pollinating without other apple trees and need at least two fertile varieties, and all three trees need to flower at the same time.

A Crabapple nearby that flowers during the same period will also work.

Bramley’s Seedling – Strong grower; mid season; fruit is large, green flushed red; mainly cooking apple. (mid-late flowering)

Cox Orange – Upright, vigorous tree, fruit is pale green with salmon red flush, firm, juicy with excellent flavour. (Mid season flower)

Fuji Red Sport – Yellow-green fruit with pink stripes; ripens mid to late October, excellent eating apple, stores well;  (mid-late flowering)

Jonafree – Flesh is pale yellow, firm, crisp and juicy with good dessert quality tart and sweet.  Immune to scab, resistant to fire blight and cedar apple rust. (early flowering)

Jonathan – Late season apple, bright red colour, flavour is unique, tart and sweet, excellent shelf life, good pollinator.  (mid season flowering)

Red Gravenstein – Vigorous spreading tree, fruit blotchy to full red, juicy, firm with tart flavour.

King – Mid to late season apple, red and yellow striped, heavy bearer, excellent flavour and good keeper.

Liberty – Highly resistant to major apple diseases, good quality dessert apple, ripens mid season.  (early-mid season flowering)

Honeycrisp – Excellent round apple variety with 60-90% scarlet red over yellow background, very crisp and juicy, excellent keeping quality, fruit is very large. (late season flowering)

Scarlet Sentinel – Fruit is medium in size, skin is yellow-green with red blush and stripes, juicy and sweet, long storage, harvest September-October. (mid season flowering)

Yellow Transparent – Upright, spreading medium sized tree; green cooking apple, pleasant flavour and is aromatic; hardy.  (early-mid season flowering)

Dolgo Hardy Apple – Vigorous tree, red fruit, crisp, juicy, slightly acidic; good for jelly. (early-mid season flowering)

Cherry Trees

Some sweet cherries need a pollinator.

Bing – Dark mahogany red, shiny skin, firm, sweet and juicy.  Requires cross-pollination.

Lapins – Vigorous and productive, resistant to cracking, self-fertile, firm dark flesh, large fruit, sweet flavour..

Montmorency – Sour Cherry – Self-fertile, sour, bright red, firm, juicy, good quality cooking cherry.

Schatten Morello – Sour Cherry – Virus free; self-fertile, deep crimson purple fruit; dark red firm flesh, very good flavour.

Pear Trees

Pears need pollination from a different cultivar that flowers at the same time.

Anjou – Dwarf, cross pollination needed, resistant to cold and fire blight, fruit is large and bright green turning greenish yellow, mildly acidic to sweet, very good flavour.

Red Sensation – Dwarf, Red bartlett, late summer dessert pear, flesh is firm, mildly acid, good aroma and good for canning.

Flemish Beauty – Dwarf, Very hardy and extremely productive, large ovate and blushed fruit, flesh is tender and juicy and good flavour.

Clapps Favourite – Dwarf, Large, early season, yellow with red blush, very juicy and sweet, good flavour.

Plum Trees

Japanese plum trees require cross-pollination.  “Santa Rosa,” a self-fruitful Japanese cultivar, is reputed to increase the yield of other Japanese varieties when the two cross-pollinate.

Most European plums are self-fertile, but will produce a better crop if you grow two or more varieties together, as long as they are in the same color group. 

Italian Plum – European type, dark purple skin, greenish yellow flesh, freestone, excellent for eating and canning.

Peach Plum – European type, medium large fruit, yellowish and blushed skin, firm, sweet flesh, semi-freestone, extremely productive.

Red Heart – Japanese type, tree is upright, hardy and productive, fruit is medium large with dark red skin, bright red flesh, good quality.

Santa Rosa – Japanese type, very large round fruit with excellent dark red to crimson skin and yellow flesh, excellent flavour.

Gold Plum – Medium large, round, bright yellow very attractive, firm flesh with good flavour, clingstone, early to mid-season plum.

Black Amber Plum – Super large beautiful black plum with amber flesh, good for eating fresh or baking, ripens mid-season; requires pollination from other Japanese Plum varieties.

Green Gage Plum – European type; medium, round, greenish yellow skin; flesh is firm, freestone very good sweet flavour.

Damson – European type; hardy, fruit is small, round and dark blue, semi-clingstone, excellent for jam.


Champion Quince – Sweet, flavourful; good for coastal areas.

Scout Apricot – Self-fertile, Fruit is bronze gold, blushed with red, good for canning, jam and fresh eating.