Houseplants and Tropicals

Tropical Houseplants and Potted Flowering Plants

At Ken-Dor Garden Center we have always had houseplants for sale in the store. Our customers want living, green things to share their space because the plants they bring home or to work are beautiful, colourful, have exciting shapes and shadows, sometimes are fragrant and actually purify the air. Plant lovers have never underestimated the value of having living vegetation around them to help them establish a connection to natural beauty and nurture their spirit through a dark winters’ day.

Come in to see our selection of houseplants and potted floral beauties. There is a good range of sizes and varieties and most are easy care.

We also have everything you need for decorating with plants:

  • Plant dollies with sturdy wheels for ease of placement
  • Pots and Saucers in beautiful complimentary colours
  • Potting mixes and Houseplant fertilizers
  • Hanging Baskets and Pots
  • Pots, Stakes and Mediums specifically for Orchids
  • Gift Wrapping service for special occasions