Our Nursery

Ken-Dor’s Nursery represents decades of work and knowledge in horticulture. At any given time of year you can find rare and unusual cultivars from suppliers all over the world. We continually seek new growers and wholesalers of exciting, quality plant material that is suited to our climate. Including shade trees, fruit trees, Japanese Maples, grafted conifers, deciduous and evergreen shrubs to name a few. 

At the nursery, in our own greenhouses and fields we are able to exercise our real passion for plants, propagating from seed and cuttings, then growing the trees and shrubs on to the point where they are ready for sale. Our production is such that we rarely have to order staple items from other growers. We believe this gives us a distinct advantage as we forgo shipping cost and wholesaler cost, allowing us to pass that savings on to our customers! Twice per year we have our immensely popular “Farm Sale” at our well established location at 845 Qualicum Road. The date changes each year so please stop in or call for more information. 

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff look forward to helping you create your own paradise with plants from Ken-Dor.