Ornamental Trees

Deciduous Ornamental Trees

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Beech, Dawyck Gold
Beech, Purple Fountain
Beech, Tricolour
Birch, Jacquemontii, White Bark Himalayan
Birch, Paper
Birch, Youngii Weeping
Birch, Youngii Weeping Serpentine
Chinese Pistache
Crab, Profusion
Crab, Red Jade Weeping
Flowering Cherry Autumnalis
Flowering Cherry Kwanzan
Flowering Cherry Kwanzan Dwarf
Flowering Cherry Mount Fuji
Flowering Cherry Shirofugen
Flowering Cherry Shogetsu
Flowering Cherry Snowfountain, Weeping

Flowering Cherry subhirtella Pink, Weeping
Flowering Cherry Whitcomb
Flowering Pear
Flowering Plum Blireana
Flowering Plum Crimson Point
Flowering Plum Thundercloud
Gleditsia, (Honeylocust) Skyline 
Gleditsia, (Honeylocust) Sunburst
Hawthorn, Crimson Cloud
Hawthorn, Toba
Hornbeam, Columnar
Laburnum, Golden Chain Tree
Laburnum, Golden Chain Tree, Weeping
Linden, Chancellor (Tillia)
Liriodendrum, Tulip Tree
Maple Crimson King
Maple Franks Red Sunset
Maple October Glory
Maple Sugar Maple
Maple, Autumn Flame
Maple, Drummondi
Maple, Paperbark
Maple, Small leaf Maple, (Acer Miranthum)
Mountain Ash Autumn Applesauce
Mountain Ash, Cardinal Royal
Mountain Ash, Pink Pagoda
Oak, Green Pillar
Poplar, Lombardy
Redbud, Lavender Twist
Styrax, Japanese Snowbell
Sweetgum/Liquid Amber
Sweetgum/Liquid Amber Silver King
Sweetgum/Liquid Amber Slender Silouette
Willow, Corckscrew
Willow, Weeping