David Austin and Weeks
In stock roses may fluctuate with the season so please call ahead for availability.

David Austin English Roses available at Ken-Dor:

Beautiful flower forms and fragrances of old roses with the wider colour range and repeat-flowering of modern roses.

These are the David Austin Roses in stock for 2023;

Thomas A. Becket
Gentle Hermione
Olivia rose
Roald Dahl
Summer Song
Gabriel Oak
Eustacia Vye
The Poet’s Wife
Strawberry Hill
The Pilgrim
Princess Ann
Brother Cadfael
Golden Celebration
James Galway
James Austin
Princess Alexandra of Kent
Silas Marner
Sir John Betjeman
Vanessa Bell
Wollerton Old Hall
Lichfield Angel
Port Sunlight
The Lady Gardener
Claire Austin

WEEKS ROSES available at Ken-Dor:

Disease resistant, vigorous and flowerful.

Good as Gold™, hybrid tea, deep golden orange, grapefruit and citrus scent.

Barbara Streisand™,  Rich lavender with darker blushing, strong rose and citrus blossom scent.

Sparkle and Shine™, floribunda, sparkling clear yellow, moderate fruity scent.

Ebb Tide™, floribunda, smoky deep plum purple, strong spicy clove scent.

Falling in Love™, Creamy buds open to warm pink interior, strong rose and fruity scent.

Firefighter™, Dusky, velvet red with intense old rose fragrance.

George Burns™, Stripes of yellow, red, pink and cream, moderate fruity scent.

Grande Dame™, Clear pink with intense old rose fragrance.

Ketchup and Mustard™, Red with a deep yellow reverse and mildly fragrant.

Memorial Day™, Pink with lavender wash and strong damask rose scent.

Neptune™, Lavender with purple blush on petal edges, powerful sweet rose scent.

Outta the Blue™, Magenta blended with yellow age to many shades of blue-lavender, strong clove and rose fragrance.

Pearly Gates™,  Soft pastel pink with a strong spice and rose fragrance.

Perfume Delight™, Deep rose pink with strong rose scent.

Sugar Moon™, clean bright white, intensely sweet citrus blossom and rose  scent.

Twilight Zone™, grandiflora, deep velvet purple, strong clove and spice.

White Licorice™, Lemon colour suffusing to white, strong sweet licorice and lemon blossom scent.

Other Rose Varieties

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