David Austin and Weeks
In stock roses may fluctuate with the season so please call ahead for availability.

David Austin English Roses available at Ken-Dor:

Beautiful flower forms and fragrances of old roses with the wider colour range and repeat-flowering of modern roses.

Abraham Darby (climber) – apricot/yellow, fruity scent, 5’h x 5’w

Heathcliff – deep crimson, tea/old rose/hint of cedar scent, 4’h x 3’w

Munstead Wood – Crimson, strong old rose scent, 3’h x 2.5’w

Evelyn (climber) – apricot/pink, strong old rose and fruity scent, 4’ x 3’w

Wollerton Old Hall – Butter yellow/cream, strong myrrh scent, 5’h x 3’w

Tamora– apricot, strong lilac and mimosa, 3’h x 3’w

Falstaff (climber) – dark crimson, strong, old rose scent, 4’h x 3.5’w

William Shakespeare – rich crimson, old rose scent, 4’x3’w

Young Lycidas – magenta/pink, strong, complex scent, 4’h x 3’w

Gertrude Jekyll – rich pink, strong old rose scent, 5’hx3.5’w

Sharifa Asma – blush pink, strong, fruity scent, 4’hx3’w

Golden Celebration (climber) – Rich yellow, strong tea scent, 4.5’hx4.5’w

Jubilee Celebration® – Salmon pink, fruity roses scent, 4’h x 4’w

Winchester Cathedral – white, strong old rose scent, 3.5’hx2.5’w

Windermere – Soft Cream, fruity, citrus scent, 3’hx2.5’w

Charles Darwin – Gold, yellow, fruity scent, 4’hx 3’w

Graham Thomas (climber) – rich yellow, strong tea scent, 5’hx4’w

Teasing Georgia® – deep yellow, strong tea scent, 4’hx3.5’w

The Pilgrim (climber) – Yellow, strong tea with myrrh scent, 5’hx3.5’w

The Generous Gardener® – white/soft pink, strong old rose scent, 5’hx4’w

Princess Alexandra of Kent – Warm pink, very strong tea scent 4’hx3’w

Strawberry Hill – Pure rose pink, very strong myrrh 4’hx4’w

WEEKS ROSES available at Ken-Dor:

Disease resistant, vigorous and flowerful.

Good as Gold™, hybrid tea, deep golden orange, grapefruit and citrus scent.

Barbara Streisand™,  Rich lavender with darker blushing, strong rose and citrus blossom scent.

Sparkle and Shine™, floribunda, sparkling clear yellow, moderate fruity scent.

Ebb Tide™, floribunda, smoky deep plum purple, strong spicy clove scent.

Falling in Love™, Creamy buds open to warm pink interior, strong rose and fruity scent.

Firefighter™, Dusky, velvet red with intense old rose fragrance.

George Burns™, Stripes of yellow, red, pink and cream, moderate fruity scent.

Grande Dame™, Clear pink with intense old rose fragrance.

Ketchup and Mustard™, Red with a deep yellow reverse and mildly fragrant.

Memorial Day™, Pink with lavender wash and strong damask rose scent.

Neptune™, Lavender with purple blush on petal edges, powerful sweet rose scent.

Outta the Blue™, Magenta blended with yellow age to many shades of blue-lavender, strong clove and rose fragrance.

Pearly Gates™,  Soft pastel pink with a strong spice and rose fragrance.

Perfume Delight™, Deep rose pink with strong rose scent.

Sugar Moon™, clean bright white, intensely sweet citrus blossom and rose  scent.

Twilight Zone™, grandiflora, deep velvet purple, strong clove and spice.

White Licorice™, Lemon colour suffusing to white, strong sweet licorice and lemon blossom scent.

Other Rose Varieties

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