Hybrid Tea and Grandiflora
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Hybrid Tea and Grandiflora Roses

Hybrid Teas grow an average of 3′ and have many pedaled flowers usually held singly on straight long stems. Most are extremely fragrant. 

Grandifloras grow slightly taller at around 4.5′ and have large, showy blooms. Similar to the Hybrid Tea but produced in clusters.

Black Baccara® (HT) – Long, strong stems make it ideal as a cut flower, lasting up to 2 weeks in a vase.  Blooms all summer long and is very disease resistant.

Big Purple (HT) – Large, grape juice purple blooms, hardy with leathery, dark green leaves.  Extremely strong fragrance.

Dick Clark (GR) – Black-red buds open to swirls of cream edged and washed with vibrant cherry pink.

Double Delight™ (HT) – Gorgeous creamy white flowers bright red towards the edge.  Prolific bloomer with a strong fragrance.

Electron (HT) – Luminous deep pink, elegantly formed blooms with strong fragrance on attractive dense foliage.

Fragrant Cloud (HT) – Extremely fragrant, well-formed, coral and orange-red blooms.  Dark green foliage.

Fragrant Memory (HT) – Light pink blooms blushed with hints of lavender.  Strong old fashioned damask fragrance.

Lady Di (GR) – Perfectly formed soft coral-pink blossoms with delicate fragrance.

Love (GR) – Bi-coloured blooms are scarlet red with a silvery white reverse, light, spicy fragrance.

Miss All American Beauty (HT) – Well formed blossoms in a rich hot pink, sweet rose fragrance.

Mr. Lincoln (HT) – Velvety deep red blooms with a strong fragrance.

New Day (HT) – Clear yellow blooms all season long, mild fruity fragrance.

Paradise (HT) – Clear lavender blooms with ruby red edging, strong fruity fragrance.

Pink Promise (HT) – Official rose of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, has a cool pink colour center that blends out to a soft pink with a honey/berry fragrance.

Royal Kate (HT) – Elegant pink rose with strong fruity fragrance.

Royal William (HT) – Deep red rose, classic form, lightly scented blooms.

Sterling Silver (HT) – Silvery-lavender flower with sweet, citrus fragrance.

Sunny Daze (HT) – Clear yellow blossom with intense lemon fragrance.

Tropicana (HT) – Fluorescent orangish-red blooms with intense fruity fragrance.

Floribunda Roses

Blooms are produced in clusters and range from singles to fully double. They are free flowering, showy and usually fragrant.

Angel Face – Ruffled lavender blooms with ruby blush, intense fragrance.

Iceberg – Extremely disease resistant and vigorous and a nice sweet rose scent.

Sexy Rexy – Beautiful clusters of full pink flowers and mild fragrance.

Sunsprite – Deep yellow, long lasting colour and a super sweet fragrance.

Angel Face Floribunda Rose with a Pacific Tree Frog in the center. 🙂

Climbing Roses

Spectacular in the garden on fences or trellis.

CL America™ – Well formed coral-pink flowers and a strong spicy fragrance.

CL Blaze – Prolific, medium red flowers with a light fragrance.

CL Blossomtime – Medium pink bloom with a deep pink reverse and strong fragrance.

CL Don Juan – Deep, velvety red blooms with intense rose fragrance.

CL Dublin Bay – True red hybrid tea sized blooms and lightly perfumed.

CL Golden Showers – Abundant, fragrant yellow flowers.

CL Joseph’s Coat – Bright red, pink, orange and yellow blossoms, light, fruity fragrance.

CL Pinata – Bright yellow flowers edged in fiery orange-red, light and fruity fragrance.

CL Royal Gold  – Rich, golden, classic blooms, fruity fragrance.

CL Tropicana – Well formed coral-orange flowers.

CL White Dawn – Abundance of bright white ruffled flowers, sweet, classic fragrance.

CL Westerland – Blended apricot orange colour with strong spice and rose scent.

Rugosa Rose

Extremely hardy and easy to grow.


Belle Poitevine – Deep magenta buds open to warm pink very fragrant blooms.

Blanc de Coubert – Continuous, fragrant white blossoms.

Hansa – Reddish-violet blooms, spicy clove fragrance.

Jens Munk – Medium pink blooms streaked with white at the base with a spicy fragrance.

CL John Cabot – Hardy climber with large clusters of lightly scented, deep fuchsia-pink flowers.

Persian Yellow – Double, bright yellow licorice scented flowers.

Purple Pavement – Large, ruffled blossoms with a  purple-red color and strong, sweet fragrance.

Flower Carpet Roses

Ground cover roses that have a long flowering period, are easy to care for, have exceptional disease resistance, and are drought tolerant.


Flower Carpet Appleblossom – Everchanging shades of pastel pink, lightly scented.

Flower Carpet Coral – Soft coral blooms that slowly deepen as they age.

Flower Carpet Yellow – Masses of buttercup yellow and light fragrance.

Flower Carpet Scarlet – Vibrant red double blooms, lightly scented.

Flower Carpet Pink Supreme – Vibrant hot pink blooms, slight scent.

Flower Carpet Amber –Soft red buds open to an abundance of fragrant,  peach amber flowers, fading to soft pink.

Other Rose Varieties

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